Do your music productions stand up against the industry's current top tracks? Are your mixes crystal clear and impactful? Do you want your masters to sound powerful, rich, and commercially loud but without completely squashing the dynamics or adding un-wanted artifacts? Maybe you prefer a fat and warm presence, or maybe a more aggressive sound instead? No matter what the genre or your preferred style is, proper mixing and mastering is the solution! Bring out all of the important sonic details by elevating the quality of your final mixes and masters with Mindstem Mastering.

Kevin Spratt, CEO/Founder and Lead Audio Engineer at Mindstem Mastering is an accomplished musician and a talented skillful audio engineer with over 14 years of experience mixing and mastering a wide variety of music for artists and record label rosters. He is certified professionally in audio mixing and mastering and studied under multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy-nominated mixing and mastering engineer Daniel Wyatt. Wyatt has worked for countless music artists and electronic music producers, also engineering for notable acts such as Alicia Keys, Blues Traveler, Lit, Mos Def, and TV/movie soundtracks including Nip Tuck and Blue Crush.

What sets Kevin at Mindstem Mastering apart from all of the rest is his relentless dedication and integrity that he maintains with each and every client. He takes the time to ensure 100% satisfaction with every project, but he also refuses to beat around the bush. If your track needs more attention prior to sending it in to be engineered, Kevin is going to be direct and tell you exactly that. You need an audio engineer who cares and who wants to truly bring your music up to it's absolute best listening potential! You also want your final masters to translate accurately on any live playback source such as club speakers, car stereo systems, computer speakers, tablet speakers, phone speakers, in-ear and over-ear headphones, etc, as well as all online streaming services such as Soundcloud, Beatport, BandCamp, iTunes, ReverbNation, SoundClick, and more. Choose the right ears with the experience and the creative skill set to match. Choose Kevin Spratt at Mindstem Mastering.





Additional examples are available upon request.