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$50 USD (within 3 days)

$100 USD (same day, weekends, & holidays)


Send in up to 25 individual audio channel stems for Multi-Track Mixing. If you do not know how to properly Mix-Down your tracks, or you feel there is still substantial room for opportunities within your Mix, then you should be having the Mixing work done for you prior to Mastering. Mastering will always make your track sound better to a certain point, but the reality is without a proper Mix it is impossible to truly achieve a professional sounding and consistently reliable finished product. The better the Mix-Down, the better the Master! By sending in every channel of your tracks in the form of multiple audio stems, you are allowing the Engineer to completely Mix-Down your session with extensive channel by channel audio treatments to ensure the best possible Mix quality before the Mastering Phase.

$950 USD - (up to 25 stems)


Send in up to 12 audio stem mix files, preferably in 24Bit WAV quality for Stem Mastering. If your Mix-Down is mediocre and lacks professionalism in certain areas, Stem Mastering will make significant differences! Even if your Mix is exceptionally good, Stem Mastering will still yield far greater results in the end when compared to Standard Mastering. You might be surprised to find out that more and more of today's hit tracks in all genres of music are being Stem Mastered. This option gives the Audio Engineer a lot of room to work with allowing extremely precise and detailed treatments to each individual audio stem in addition to the Final Mastering stage. This choice is the happy medium between full Multi-Track Mixing and Standard Mastering. Stem Mastering is the most popular and frequently used audio service that I offer. Simply put, a Stem Master will always sound better in comparison to a Standard Master, and this audio service is highly recommended here.

$200 USD - (up to 12 stems)


Send in one 24Bit WAV file for Mastering. If you already have a professionally polished Mix-Down and just need the final finishing touches on your track, then this might be a good choice for you. However, because there is only one audio file involved, there are limitations that restrict the amount of detail and overall quality that can be achieved with Standard Mastering. If your Mix is not well executed, Standard Mastering will not fix the issues caused by those poor Mixing decisions, but it will still improve the overall sonic impact and bring out the pleasant characteristics of your music while bringing the energy and levels up to industry requirements!

$50 USD


As stated above, there are limitations to how many stems (audio files) you are permitted to send per project. If you want to send in more stems, you can purchase as many as you’d like as add-ons.

$10 USD per each additional stem


It is entirely your responsibility to be happy with what you plan to send in before you send it. The mixing and/or mastering process has to be re-done to appropriately fit a new sonic context if you decide to make any changes on your end. Because of that fact, file replacements are subject to the same fee as revisions. To avoid the need for file replacements, please provide a stylistic vision or separate reference track/artist if you have a specific goal for the overall sound of your music. While your master is being engineered, the Style, Loudness, RMS Power, Stereo Image, and more, can all be compared to said reference track for a similar approach. If you do not provide a reference track initially, or you are not happy with the way your tracks were mixed and mastered, you may purchase a revision.

$20 USD per revision request or file replacement


All finished tracks are ultimately delivered as 16bit 44.1khz WAV files, but you can add on High Quality 320kbps MP3 versions or AAC as well.

$5 USD per track


Embedded track ID information such as ISRC codes, Artist/Composer names, Track names, Track numbers, Album name, etc, etc. (Only applicable to MP3 and AAC exports)

$5 USD per track


Sign up for personalized one on one consultations with Kevin, our audio mixing and mastering engineer. These online consults are best suited to those who need guidance improving their mixing results and to better prepare their tracks for mastering. Screen sharing in real-time makes for an incredibly fun, memorable, and interactive learning experience! This is an amazing opportunity for you to ask questions in depth and to receive detailed feedback in regards to your music productions.

30 MINUTES - $40 USD OR 60 MINUTES - $50 USD

Setup your personalized lesson via the form on the contact page or email mindstemmastering@gmail.com


Instruments - Guitar, Bass, & Drums

17+ years of experience, all genres/styles

$50 USD per hour


Includes composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering, 100% discretion

Legally binding contract, all genres/styles

$10,000 USD per song (non-negotiable)


1) 1) Bypass or remove ALL active plugins from your master channel effects chain.

2) 2) Make sure that your mix does not clip! Digital distortion is a horrible thing and it will ruin your mix while also preventing the audio engineer from achieving the best possible results. There also needs to be headroom for the mastering engineer to work with. The peak levels of your mix should never go above -3db at the absolute loudest. The safest and smartest place to be is around approximately -6db of headroom, but as long as you don't go above -3db, then there shouldn't be an issue. This is why it is crucially important to watch and maintain headroom when you are mixing! Simply reaching for the master volume fader at the end is not the correct way to create headroom and it will alter the way you intended for your mix to sound.

3) 3) When you are going to bounce out or export your final mix file/s, please DO NOT enable any Normalizing or Dithering. From there, proceed to bounce/export at 24bit WAV quality and preferably 44.1khz for the best outcome.